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Old Coot believes that BBQ is not just a food, it is a way of life.  In the North Carolina BBQ world, there are Eastern style and Western style sauces.  Eastern style is vinegar and pepper based, while the Western style (sometimes called Lexington or Piedmont style) incorporates tomato ketchup or paste to flavor the meat.

I searched for years before finally creating my own sauce that incorporates both, Eastern and Western North Carolina styles. Consider Old Coots  the "East meets West" BBQ Sauce.  The best of both worlds combined for a Carolina BBQ sauce experience that knows no boundaries. Old Coots "Carolina Red" BBQ Sauce takes the best of both styles and combines them for the perfect topping or marinade for meats, fries and veggies. All the vinegary goodness of the Eastern style flavors combined with the faint sweetness of tomato and molasses, makes Old Coots "Carolina Red" the right sauce for your next indoor or outdoor cooking adventure.

I hope you enjoy this sauce as much as I do, so try some today and experience the flavor that will compliment your favorite recipe.