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History of "Old Coots Carolina Red" BBQ Sauce

Steve Mirman, Attorney and BBQ lover, set out to find the perfect combination of traditional Eastern North Carolina style, vinegar based sauce with the sweeter Western Carolina style and Old Coots was born.  This sauce is the perfect flavor combination for your BBQ pork, chicken, seafood, beef  or vegetarian dish and is just right to be used as a marinade for your favorite food.  "Old Coot", pictured on the label, lived in the Carolina hills until her death in 2012 and when my wife captured her unique image in a photograph, I knew that my sauce finally had a face.  Old Coots Carolina Red is manufactured locally in a U.S. Dept. of Agriculture approved facility under my supervision and is distributed by Old Coots, LLC.  I hope that you enjoy this sauce as much as I enjoy making it and please ask your local store to carry Old Coots.

Perfect as a Marinade or Dipping Sauce

Anything marinated in Old Coots Carolina Red is going to be a hit at your next gathering.  Forget the Ketchup and Ranch, try dipping veggies or fries in Old Coots!

Grilling with Old Coots

Try Old Coots Carolina Red on your ribs, steaks, pork chops and seafood.  The vinegar and hint of tomato brings out the flavor in your favorite dish.  

Old Coots Carolina Red BBQ Sauce

Forget the Wine, Old Coots Is The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

Take a bottle to your next party, your guests will love it more than a stuffy bottle of wine.

Smoked Chicken Breasts and Old Coots

Nothing beats a great BBQ sauce on your favorite dish.  Ask your favorite grocer or specialty shop to carry Old Coots!

Old Coots Marinated Boneless Breasts

Great Marinade

Old Coots makes the best marinade for your chicken, pork, seafood and beef.  Try some today.


Southern Packing Corporation

4004 S. Battlefield Blvd.

Chesapeake, Virginia  23322

Old Virginia Ham Shop

217 E. Little Creek Road

Norfolk, Virginia 23505

Holiday Travel Park Campground and Markets

 1075 General Booth Blvd, 

Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Central Meats

 1120 Kempsville Road   

Chesapeake, VA  23320 

Cherrystone Campground

 1511 Townfield Dr, 

Cape Charles, VA 23310 

Country Butcher

Va. Beach Farmer's Market

3640 Dam Neck Rd, 

Virginia Beach, VA 23453 


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